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Limousines are slowly becoming one of life's necessities. Heaven on Wheels LLC's Dallas Limo Service Fleets can be custom fitted to fit an assortment of needs: our standard limo service DFW can be utilized as a straightforward transportation from A-to-B travel or employed by the hour for most extreme adaptability with respect to the traveler.

Most limousine companies (and car manufacturers) feel that doubling the length of the original vehicle is about as long as you can go before a car is no longer able to pass the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS), though some push this a little further than others.

While the larger stretch limousines often lose something of their class and style when they are stretched to three times their size, the long wheelbase Chrysler manages to exude the style and grace of its luxurious limousine cousins, while still providing ample passenger room.

His new ride, a specially built beast nominally identified as a "Cadillac," is just the latest in a long line of presidential rides stretching back to 1899 and the Locomobile President William McKinley rode in. But the Secret Service didn't really get serious about presidential over-the-road transportation until 1939 when they acquired…well, that's where this list begins.

Some people even just want to hire a limo when they want to have an alone time while going to another state. A separate compartment at the front of cars with a partition, for the high classes and fare-paying passengers. Nascar called drivers back to their cars around 6.40pm, hoping to get more laps in before more showers hit again.

We don't know whether President Donald Trump is much of a car guy (though rumor has it he preferred to drive himself rather than make use of a personal chauffeur), but we do know that he rides around in one of the most exclusive automobiles on the planet.